Before and After photos of Cosmetic cases completed by Dr. Sandra Embree - Smile Makeovers Ann Arbor, MI


Anterior space closed with cosmetic veneers

3 anterior teeth restored with ceramic crowns due to childhood trauma & discoloration

Before Whitening - After Whitening

Decay - Decay restored with tooth colored filling


Anterior staining and pitting - 6 Anterior teeth restored with crowns and veneers

Trauma as a child leading to extraction - Post whitening and single tooth implant with crown

Anterior staining and overlapping - 6 anterior teeth restored with full crowns and veneers
2 anterior teeth extracted due to fractures - 4 anterior teeth restored with 2 implant crowns and 2 porcelain crowns

Chipped tooth restored with composite resin

2 anterior teeth restored with Porcelain crowns due to discoloration and chipping

4 upper teeth restored with Porcelain crowns after whitening and orthodontic treatment

Full mouth reconstruction with Veneers and Porcelain crowns due to enamel disorder


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